Retail & Distribution segment

DeGem's jewellery, which are designed and manufactured in-house, is marketed via the following channels:

  • retail under the DeGem brand
  • retail under the Diamond & Platinum brand
  • retail under the JEOEL brand
  • wholesale via its design and distribution unit

DeGem Diamond

DeGem brand caters for the mid to high-end segment of the consumer market where high brand value and loyalty is greatly emphasised. Today, DeGem is well known for its design and delicate craft, and its ability to marry the beauty of precious gems with avant-garde jewellery designs. Its range of exclusive and unique creations can satisfy the most discerning clients when it comes to high-end jewellery.

DeGem has five boutiques at exclusive retail addresses within the Klang Valley and one in Singapore. DeGem has invested its vast experience in developing two household brands, Infinity® and Soleluna®. Infinity® has successfully become a choice brand highly sought after by couples for its engagement and wedding rings, while Soleluna® currently fulfills demand from a niche market looking for big and bold, yet affordable, jewellery. DeGem is also the sole distributor of the renowned Lazare Diamond®, ForevermarkTM and Victor Mayer jewellery in Malaysia.

In 2011, DeGem introduced the Gold Bullion to its range of products. The Gold Bullion is highly sought after as an investment to hedge against the erosion of value of money from inflation. Investments in gold are strongly recommended to be included in a prudent investment portfolio model. Prices of the Gold Bullion are quoted marked-to-market, with buying and selling rates displayed online.

For more information on the DeGem brand, please visit, while further information of DeGem’s Gold Bullion is available on

Diamond & Platinum

Diamond & Platinum is the market leader of contemporary jewellery in platinum and white gold, tailored for the young and trendy consumers. Diamond & Platinum offers its consumers a choice of high quality diamond and gemstones jewellery at affordable prices. Diamond & Platinum has 14 outlets throughout Malaysia and one in Brunei, which are located mostly at major shopping malls for easy accessibility by its target markets. The pride of Diamond & Platinum is its signature Estrella® Diamond, where eight perfectly symmetrical and identical hearts and arrows are bonded in a testament to the perfect symmetry and alignment of its facets.

For more information on the Diamond & Platinum brand, please visit

In order to strengthen its rapport with customers as well as forge new bonds, both the retail units of DeGem regularly organise special events, exhibitions and road shows to showcase its jewellery and promote better awareness and appreciation of its products.

The Group was awarded the sole distributorship of the internationally renowned ForevermarkTM in Malaysia. ForevermarkTM is now retailed at all DeGem and Diamond & Platinum showrooms since year 2011.

Diamond & Platinum

Launched on 28 May 2014, JEOEL (pronounced as Jew-WELL) is the latest addition to DeGem’s growing family, JEOEL aims to fulfil the fashion needs of young women for fine jewellery, with natural semi-precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst and topaz set in 925 sterling silver.

Helmed by young management team, JEOEL continues to uphold the legacy of fine craftsmanship that is the hallmark of DeGem Group, but also infusing elements of youth, playfulness and fun to jewellery accessories. JEOEL has 3 outlets within the Klang Valley, which are located at major shopping malls for easy accessibility by its target market.

Based online at, JEOEL also has a pricing advantage over their brick-and-mortar competitors, which benefits customers with fast-paced lifestyles.

Design & Distribution ("D&D")

DeGem's design and distribution centre is based in Hong Kong, which is the hub of international jewellery business. Due to its strategic location, DeGem supplies to retailers from Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East as well as South East Asia. In addition to contributing significantly to DeGem's overseas revenue, market demand patterns from the design and distribution division allows the Group to keep abreast of the constant changes in consumer preferences and trends in the jewellery industry.

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